Philip Noyed Artist Statment

 I create luminous art that explores light, color and space in two and three dimensions. My work is based on a deep appreciation of the effect that color has on people both psychologically and physiologically. Light and color are frequencies that transform our mood, energy, and even physical health. My focus is creating light and color art experiences that transport the viewer to new levels of engagement.

My practice is built around three on-going series

The Geometric Illumination series is based on a radical reinterpretation of photography. I use my large abstract paintings as subjects for a variety of unique fast-action, swooshing, low-shutter speed photographs that transform hard-edged dimensional shapes into light-emitting compositions. I then use digital technology to amplify the images for maximum effect. I free-sample the images: digitally cutting, skewing, distorting, replicating and merging source images into new geometric configurations. These images are created as C-type translucent Lambda prints and are mounted on geometrically-cut clear acrylic and back-lit with LEDs. The final pieces are as much sculptural forms as they are photographs.

The Geometric Mobiles use multiple Geometric Illumination images to create a large-scale geometric mobile. The Geometric Mobile is lit by either natural light or spot lights that make the images act like stain glass windows with color passing through to the viewers. These mobiles are free-floating so they are always changing and activating the 3-D space.

The Geometric Light Space is designed to be both a geometric light structure to view from the outside and an immersive color form experience the viewer enters. The lights are an orchestration of a series of distinct colors changing in time. This allows the viewer to be "in" different colors and experience the effect of each color frequency.


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