Philip Noyed Creates 2-D and 3-D Luminescent
that Activates Your Space with Color and Light


I utilize digital design and contemporary printing technology to create color and light art using abstract photographs mounted on acrylic, fused on glass, or acrylic tubes to create LED light installations. 



Featured Geometric Illuminations


Geometric Illumination Installations

The Geometric Illuminations are perfect to visually activate your space. 
I am happy to work with you to create custom art designs for your space and palette of colors. 


Rainbow Pyramid Installations

I create Rainbow Pyramids ranging from 9' x 9' to 20' x 20' and rent these out for events.


View Philip Noyed on Minnesota Original Video




Philip Noyed is an innovative multi-media artist living and working in Minneapolis, Minnesota. His art work represents the quintessential contemporary art movement making use of creative technology that is changing the way art is viewed today.  His artwork is often called "contemporary stained glass" and can be customized for a variety of architectural and design applications. The finalized artwork can be incorporated into acrylic, glass, tubes, fabric, wall coverings and can be customized to meet your design requirements.  While located in Minneapolis, he has shipped artwork across America and Internationally.

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